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Steve Huber has been recognized as a profesional banjo player since his early days in college studying to be a mechanical engineer. Steve toured with The Paisleys and with Paul Adkins before moving to Nashville to work in legendary George Gruhn’s instrument repair shop on 8th Avenue in Nashville. After studying the 1942 era pre-war banjos for many years, Steve began experimenting to see if he could match the metal "recipe" used in those antique banjos that produce the classic pre-war sound that made them so much richer sounding and more responsive than newer modern instruments. After years of pouring molten metal and performing tests, he was able to replicate the formula used by banjo makers of the early 20th century. Steve Huber's banjo tonering was an immediate hit with traditional bluegrass banjo players. After seeing the success of his Truetone Banjo, Steve quit his job, and opened a shop in Hendersonville, Tennessee to build his banjos and tonerings.



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The Huber VRB-3 Wreath is Steve Huber's vintage reproduction of the famous style-3 banjo, the most common of all the prewar flatheads. It features a mahogany neck and resonator. The mahogany neck imparts a sweetness to this banjo with a warm blending of notes that creates the classic bluegrass sound. The rosewood fingerboard and double cut headstock overlay are inlaid with a wreath pattern. The Truetone VRB-3 is finished with a natural mahogany stain, trimmed with antiqued binding, and antique metal finish on the nickel parts. The Huber VRB-3 features the "Truetone System" with Steve Huber's prewar replica HR-30 tone ring and "Engineered Rim". “Grained ivoroid” tuner buttons complete the vintage look of ivory on this model.



Sammy Shelor of Lonesome River Band was an early endorser, followed soon by Jim Mills, banjo picker for Ricky Scaggs. Cia Cherryholmes of the Cherryholmes Bluegrass Band, Greg Cahill of Special Consesnus, Rob Block of Alison Krauss and Union Station, Barry Abernathy of Mountain Heart Band, and Jason Burleson of Blue Highway sonn recognized the sound Steve Huber had captured and started playing Huber banjos. Sammy Shelor and Rob Block have their own signature Huber models.



Today, 18 years and over 1600 banjos later, the Steve Huber banjo is considered by many as the "cream of the crop" of bluegrass banjos.



Huber Truetone VRB-3 Bluegrass Banjo






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