SCUBA cylinder visual inspection

A Visual Inspection of your scuba cylinder is required for all Scuba cylinders once a year, and must be performed by a qualified and trained technician.  Many divers dread the annual VIP, and some neglect it for as long as they can get away with it, but the Visual Inspection Program established by the Scuba industry is a very important safety aspect of your diving.  The normal Scuba cylinder filled to 3,000 PSI can explode with enough energy to release the equivalent of 300 grams of TNT.  The hand grenade used by the U.S militry releases the energy equivalent of 150 grams of TNT when it explodes.  Don't put your life at risk, or worse, the life of the fill station opertor, or the lives of the other people on your Scuba charter over a twenty-dollar process that only takes a day to accomplish.  I can inspecty your cylinder, and in most cases, can do it the same day.   None of the "drop it off and we'll call you in a few days" (or weeks) stuff.

SCUBA tank visual inspections

What happens during a Visual inspection?
During a Visual Inspection, the technician examines the outside of your SCUBA cylinder.  
This includes removing the tank boot.  He is looking for significant dents, rust, bulges, and chips beyond minor marks usually incurred during normal wear and tear.  If the outside of your SCUBA cylinder passes vissual inspection, the inspector will remove the valve and inspect the inside of your SCUBA cylincer.

The technician uses special tools and cameras to look inside.  The technician is checking to ensure the inside of the cylinder is free of water, rust, pitting, cracks and foreign objects.  Next, the technician uses a special tool to magnify the threads on the neck of your tank.  He is looking for cracks, damaged or worn threads, or other signs of damage that may compromise the strength of your cylinder and cause a catastrophic failure.

Once your cylinder checks out, your tank valve is inspected.  Tank O-rings and valve O-rings are replaced, the burst disk is inspected, the dip tube is inspected, and the threads on the valve are properly lubricated.  After the technician inspects the valve and components, he will secure it back onto your tank and apply an updated Visual Inspection sticker.

Your Visual Inspection sticker is valid for up to one year, and reputable dive shops will not fill a scuba cylinder that does not have a valid Visual inspection decal.  

Since you gotta have a Visual Inspection sticker on your SCUBA cylinder anyway, why settle for some ugly old dive shop sticker? Graveyard Divers has the coolest Visual Inspection sticker in the world.  Get yourself one today and show everyone that you dive the Graveyard! Heck, even if your SCUBA cylinder isn't due for a Visual Inspection yet, just having a awesome sticker like this one on your tank is worth the measley twenty bucks!   

Graveyard Divers SCUBA Visual inspection decal

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PSI/PCI SCUBA Visual Inspection
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